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Quiz Master: Quicksilver - Bunny Carr

Take the QUIZ!

I mentioned this show recently to an anonymous Irish blogger who had never heard of it so I've taken it upon myself to educate the world at large to the Irish phenomenon known as 'Quicksilver'.

This quiz show was on Irish TV (RTE) and started in the late sixties with old money shillings and farthings etc. In the seventies the budget was so low the questions started at 2p (= 3 cents approx) and climbed to 5p, 10p, 50p £1, £5 and reached a max top jackpot of £10 Irish punts (currency we used before we sucked the EU dry and before Bertie Ahern starred in that movie/documentary 'Celtic Tiger, Hidden Euros')

Contestants had to answer three questions correctly. They could pass on one question by shouting "Stop the Lights!'' A phrase still used in slang and jest in Ireland today.
Norman Metcalfe who played the organ in an effort to give clues was also a classic touch.

It became a cult hit because it was so bad, it was hilarious. The answers the contestants gave to some questions are still the stuff made of legend.

e.g. Q: Name a famous bridge? A: The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Now YOU can take the QUICKSILVER quiz below and win 20 Euros!
- just 10 short multiple choice questions..BUT..........

  • Wait for the quiz widget to load below - be patient
  • IMPORTANT: The CORRECT answer in this quiz is what the contestant gave as a response - remember that!
  • When you finish the quiz click 'Send Result'
  • When you finish the quiz - Refresh this page to view answers in the widget.

Competition Rules:
The winner shall be deemed to be the person with a 100% score on the quiz (remember to click 'Send Score') who also emails me via the 'Contact Me' button top right of my site with the correct answers. Payment of 20 Euros will be sent via PayPal - no exceptions. In the event of multiple i.e. joint winners Quickroute will decide the winner by random selection - Good Luck and remember it's a game!

Looking for the Quiz? - It's directly above so scroll up and wait for it to load.
Looking for the answers? - Refresh this page after you take the quiz and you'll see the answers coloured green in the widget.

Have any problems taking the quiz - let me know by leaving a comment

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Remember to spread the word and send others over here to try and win the prize!


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